Your Data & AI
When you choose to upload or connect your data to the Datacakes web app, your data is temporarily held in a Datacakes compute environment. AI-generated code can be safely run on the data in this environment to answer your questions.

When you leave the Datacakes app, all of your data will deleted from this environment, until you come back to use the app again.

We offer the following assurances of how your data will be treated:
  1. None of the data you give Datacakes access to will be used for any purpose other than to answer the questions you ask in our web app.
  2. None of your data is transferred to any third-parties, including the APIs of third-party LLM providers, such as OpenAI or Google.
  3. None of your data is used to train any LLMs, including any owned by Datacakes.
If you have any questions or concerns about how your data interacts with AI, please contact us at
Google API Limited Use Disclosure
If you authorize the Cubie app to connect to your BigQuery data, Datacakes will use Google’s Application Programming Interface (API) to gain read-only access to your BigQuery datasets. We use this access to extract data from the datasets you specify and to perform the analyses you request through the Cubie user interface.

Datacakes does not transfer your BigQuery data to any third-parties. Our use of your data adheres to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use Requirements.

If you have any questions or concerns about how we access your data through Google APIs, please contact us at